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Looking Back… A Year-End Review | Weddings

March 10, 2016 0 Weddings

So admittedly, we’re really, really late with this post. It’s been a very busy start to 2016. Nonetheless, we always like to look back at the year that has passed. Therefore, better late than never, here are just some of our favorite images from wedding captured in 2015.

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 1_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 4_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 5_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 6_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 7_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 8_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 9_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 10_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 11_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 12_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 13_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 14_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 15_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 16_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 17_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 18_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 19_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 20_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 21_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 22_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 23_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 24_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 25_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 26_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 27_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 28_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 29_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 30_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 31_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 32_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 33_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 34_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 35_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 36_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 37_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 38_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 39_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 40_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 41_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 42_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 43_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 44_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 45_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 46_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 47_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 48_photo

Viridian_Images_Photography_2015 Weddings 49_photo

CELEBRATION SOCIETY | We’ve Been Featured!

December 9, 2015 0 Published Work, Weddings

We’re so excited to announce that one of our favorite weddings from earlier this year has been featured in the latest issue of Celebration Society. Congratulations once again to Steve + Margot on such a beautiful wedding. Click here to see our post from their wedding day.

We’d also like to recognize all of the wonderful vendors that made this day so special; including the Peachtree Club, Bloomin’ Bouquets, DJ Euro Andy and so many others. What a way to finish off the year!

Chukkar Farms, Alpharetta GA Wedding Photographer | Ruben + Sasha : Sneak Peek

November 2, 2015 0 Weddings

Their wedding day was overcast, cold and windy but both Ruben and Sasha wouldn’t have noticed. These two were so in love and were phenomenal to work with. We have never seen a couple so cool, calm and collected from the moment we arrived at their hotel until the end of the night. Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come from the Chukkar Farms wedding.


An amazing first look took place right before jumping on to a white trolley from Georgia Trolley Services.Chukkar-Farms-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography_photo-2

Playing with the wind and her veil brought laughter.Chukkar-Farms-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography_photo-3 Chukkar-Farms-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography_photo-4

Can’t wait to share more!

Buford, GA Photographer | Yaquelin and Alex

October 30, 2015 1 Fifth Avenue Event Hall, Weddings

So you might remember Yaquelin and Alex from their amazing engagement session and from the sneak peek we blogged about a few weeks ago.  Well here we’re presenting the complete blog post. It was extremely hard to narrow down the photos for this blog.

The Couple: Yaquelin and Alex

These two were simply amazing. To see the love from within themselves, their faith and the love their friends and family displayed, they are sure to have a successful marriage. Alex is from Lawrenceville, Georgia and Yaqui is from Franklin, Tennessee. they met at a convention a few years ago in Dalton. They were both shy but despite the nerves he mustered up the courage to ask for her number and a beautiful friendship began.

The Ceremony:

The day started gloomy and gray with a constant mist but that didn’t damper their spirits. All they could think of that day was the fact that they each were going to marry their best friend and spend their lives together forever. Nothing was going to change that. It was so beautiful to witness. Their first look took place on the white lattice bridge over the lake at Vines Botanical Garden in Loganville, Georgia. It was the perfect setting. It’s a beautiful event facility connected to a manicured park with lakes and trails. The weather cooperated for us despite the forecast.

The Reception: Fifth Avenue Event Hall

After the ceremony, the reception took place at Fifth Avenue Event Hall in Buford, Georgia where the couple danced the night away. We had so much fun with these two along with their family and friends. Congratulations Yaquelin and Alex. May you always remember the love that started it all. We love you!


Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-1 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-2 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-3 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-4 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-5 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-6 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-7 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-8 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-9 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-10 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-11 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-12 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-13 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-14 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-15 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-16 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-17 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-18 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-19 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-20 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-21 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-22 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-23 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-24 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-25 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-26 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-27 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-28 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-29 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-30 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-31 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-32 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-33 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-34 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-35 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-36 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-37 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-38 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-39 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-40 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-41 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-42 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-43 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-44Want to see more?



Wedding Photogaphy : Viridian Images

Ceremony Location: Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Reception Location: Fifth Avenue Event Hall
Make-up: Margaret Snider
Hair Artist: Eli the Hairdresser
Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Angelo
Cake Artist: Lizette Hughes
Caterer: Pollo Tropical
DJ: Bryant Mejia

Hilton Head Callawassie Island Club, SC Wedding Photographer | Jimmy + Michelle : Sneak Peek

October 12, 2015 1 Weddings

Sharing a quick sneak peek from last Saturday night’s wedding in Callawassie Island Club, Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Hilton-Head-Callawassie-Island-Club-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography-11.1 Hilton-Head-Callawassie-Island-Club-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography-11 Hilton-Head-Callawassie-Island-Club-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography-12 Hilton-Head-Callawassie-Island-Club-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography-13 Hilton-Head-Callawassie-Island-Club-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography-14 Hilton-Head-Callawassie-Island-Club-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography-15

Amazing afternoon with Jimmy+Michelle.Hilton-Head-Callawassie-Island-Club-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography-17

Duluth, GA Wedding Photographer | Carlos + Shatavia : Sneak Peek

September 20, 2015 1 Weddings

A quick sneak peek at Carlos + Shatavia’s amazing wedding last night.

Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-1 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-2 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-3 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-4 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-5 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-6 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-7 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-8 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-9 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-10 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-11 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-12 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-13 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-14 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-15 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-16 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-17 Duluth-wedding-sneak-peek-viridian-images-photography-18

Bisham Manor Wedding Photos | LaGrange, Georgia Photographer | Styled Shoot Published in Strictly Weddings

Bisham Manor Wedding Bride Detail Photo

This past spring we had the pleasure of working together with a wonderful team of wedding professionals to highlight one of the best-kept secrets in Georgia. Located in LaGrange, Georgia, the Bisham Manor is a Tudor-style castle with all the luxuries of a modern mansion home.

The location: Bisham Manor

Inspiration for this styled shoot came from the architecture of the house itself. The goal; reflect the custom, bespoke feel of the venue with the modern artistic style of today’s bride. An airy color pallet of blush, gold, ivory, and pale blue-green hues were contrasted nicely by the earthy, rustic tones of the stone and brick walls of the mansion, as well as the dark green landscape surrounding the property.

We are proud to announce that the highly regarded online luxury wedding blog, Strictly Weddings has just published this shoot on their website! Check out the feature located here.

Many thanks to the editors at Strictly Weddings for their consideration. Their blog post has many images; however, we’d like to share some of our personal favorite here.

Bisham Manor Wedding Castle Photo

Bisham Manor Wedding Outside Castle Detail Photo

A classic Mercedes-Benz roadster was just another of the many details that made this project such a wonderful collaboration. Something we affectionately call “Southern Tudor Couture”.

Bisham Manor Wedding 1920 mercedes Photo Bisham Manor Wedding 1920 Mercedes in driveway PhotoBisham Manor Wedding grooms tuxedo photoBisham Manor Wedding brides shoes photo Bisham Manor Wedding bridal hair bouquet photo

Majestic Fairy-tale Location

The Bisham Manor is no ordinary house. It’s custom made. The same is true of the beautiful wedding gowns used on this day. Couture dresses made of silk gazar and french lace with hand-sewn cathedral veils call to the modern style of today’s bride.Bisham Manor Wedding castle first look photoBisham Manor Wedding castle bridal portrait photoBisham Manor Wedding castle bridal cake photo  A tall, expertly decorated wedding cake helps mimic the height of the house.Bisham Manor Wedding castle wedding cake photoBisham Manor Wedding castle bride and groom photo Bisham Manor Wedding Facade Castle Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Bride and Groom Detail Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Bride and Groom Detail Photo

England’s Finest China

Imported fine china with a British-European style complimented the high-end English Tudor history the home was designed for. No two place settings are alike, thus tapping into today’s style of layering patterns and textures for ultimate design.

Bisham Manor Wedding Fine China Detail PhotoBisham Manor Wedding tablescape Detail Photo

Vintage Styling

Luxurious linens dressed the tables and beautiful floral arrangements echoed the color scheme, providing a very modern, contemporary feel to the look of  the shoot.

Bisham Manor Wedding Bride and Groom tablescape Detail Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Bride and Groom Portrait Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Bride and Groom Portrait Detail Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Bride Portrait Detail Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Bride Portrait Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Bride Portrait Closeup Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Bridal Portrait Photo Bisham Manor Wedding Bridal Portrait Detail Photo Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Bisham Manor staff and all of the vendors listed below that bravely navigated morning thunderstorms and a very hectic schedule to make this shoot possible. If you are engaged or planning a wedding, we highly recommend all of them for your special day.

 Our Partners

Photography: Viridian Images Photography
Venue: Bisham Manor
Couture Gowns: RL Couture Design
Tuxedo: Miguel Wilson Wedding Collection
Cake Designer: Cakes by La’Meeka
Calligrapher: Ashley Young
Invitations: T.evenire Stationery Boutique
Linens: BBJ Linens
Floral Designer: Bloomin’ Bouquets
Musicians: Brenda Street
Event Planner: Events of a Lifetime
Fine China Rental: Vintage English Teacup
Rental: Luminari Candles
Chocolates: Chef Brulee Chocolates
Hair and Makeup Stylist: Christine Pay with Brushworx
Vintage Car: Gillian Marto Events of a Lifetime

Vines Botanical Garden Wedding Photographer | Alex + Yaquelin : Sneak Peeks

August 31, 2015 1 Gardens, Weddings

Oh my…what a weekend we had! We just had to share a little sneak peek to this amazing couple’s wedding. Maybe you remember Alex+Yaqui’s engagement from a few months ago at Piedmont Park.  Take a look below to see how their love continues to blossom. Can’t wait to show the full blog post soon.Vines-Botanical-Garden-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-1 Vines-Botanical-Garden-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-3 Vines-Botanical-Garden-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-4 Vines-Botanical-Garden-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-5 Vines-Botanical-Garden-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-6

Atlanta Wedding Photographer|Mark + Kim

August 11, 2015 0 Callanwolde, Weddings

Love comes together from all angles to make the greatest combinations. A perfect example of this can be found with Mark and Kim. He’s from Jersey; she’s from the Bahamas. He’s an avid fisherman and she loves to work with numbers. Nonetheless they unite to become one of the most caring, fun-loving couples around. Nowhere was this more evident than on their wedding day. An easy-going outdoor ceremony with laughs layered all throughout. Their happiness is ever so evident on a variety of bridal portraits across multiple settings within the Callanwolde Fine Arts grounds. Even though we’ve photographed multiple weddings and events here; never have we been able to make such extensive use of this gorgeous venue on one occasion, covering both the inside and outside spaces of the property. It’s a testament to the value they place on photography. So many thanks to this wonderful couple for such a great experience.


Photographer: Viridian Images Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Crowned Affair
Ceremony/Reception Location: Cameron Hall
Make-up: So Chevon
Hair Artist: Exotic Vision
Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaid Dress: Davids Bridal
Groom and Groomsmen attire: Mens Warehouse
Florist: Crowned Affair
Cake Artist: The Posh Cakery
Photo Booth: Shutter Booth
Video/DJ: Blesst

Click here to see more.

Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel Wedding Photos | Nigerian Wedding Photographer|Chuma + Belle

June 22, 2015 0 Weddings

Elegance meets exuberant color. That’s the best way we can describe the beauty of a Nigerian wedding. Chuma+Belle’s big day that began at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel for bridal prep, followed by a ceremony at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church and then back to the the ballroom at the Renaissance Waverly embodied everything you would expect from a wedding. A truly loving couple with strong family bonds who know how to celebrate in style. It’s how all these factors play out that makes their experience so unique.

Belle and Chuma’s Nigerian Wedding

Traditional outfits that feature their culture and heritage compliment modern, sophisticated details. The day begins with Belle’s beautiful couture dress and Chuma’s sleek black suit. By the time the reception arrives, a quick change of outfits provides an explosion of color. In particular, the Aso-ebi custom is incredibly eye catching. With this Nigerian wedding tradition, outfits are made from matching fabrics and pattern and worn by family members to denote unity, support, and to represent sides of the family. Belle chose to feature Ankara lace in a rich hue of yellow with forest green accents for her wedding party. Friends and family join in the festivities with their own color combinations for a truly uplifting pallet of colors. Touching family tributes and native dance displays provide an atmosphere unlike other weddings you may experience. Heartfelt thanks to Chuma+Belle for allowing us to share this journey! Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Allure Couture Wedding Dress Photo

Is this dress from Allure Couture gorgeous?Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding PhotoRenaissance Waerly Atlanta Allure Couture Wedding Dress Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Groom Getting Ready Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Bride with Chapaigne Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Allure Couture Wedding Dress Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Groomsmen Black Tux Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Bride in Limo Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Groom Waiting Photo

Holy Spirit Catholic Church Here Comes the Bride Photo

Holy Spirit Catholic Church First Look Photo

Holy Spirit Catholic Church Atlanta, GA Wedding Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Allure Couture Wedding Dress Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Bride and Groom Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Bride and Groom Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Cake Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Dance Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Dance Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Nigerian Dance Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Toast Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Nigerian Reception Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Nigerian Reception Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Nigerian Reception Photo

Renaissance Waerly Atlanta Wedding Nigerian Bride and Groom Photo

Click here to see more from Chuma+Belle’s wedding:

Wedding Coordinator: Kerri Walker / Ella K Soiree
Ceremony/Reception Location: Holy Spirit Catholic Church / Renaissance Waverly Hotel
Make-up: Noor / Noorface
Hair Artist: Shawnice
Bride’s Dress: Allure Couture
Bridesmaid Dress: After Six
Groom and Groomsmen attire: Men’s Warehouse
Florist: Yukie
Cake Artist: Viva la Cake
Lighting/Furniture: Kumar Lighting and Furniture
DJ: Abebola Bisi
Videographer: Michael Wells /MSA Entertainment

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