It was a cool but sunny Saturday afternoon in Durham, North Carolina for this lovely wedding. Chad + Jaime were simply a blast to photograph with their carefree, easy-going personalities. They truly were able to enjoy the company of their family and friends without worrying about every little detail of the wedding. They transitioned seamlessly from the ceremony at the church to the reception at Bay 7; formerly a tobacco warehouse from the historic district dating back to the 1800s. Now a days this is one of the coolest venues in the entire city. Thanks Chad + Jaime for bringing us along for the ride!

Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_1Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_2 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_3 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_6 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_7 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_8 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_13 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_14 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_15 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_16 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_17 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_18 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_19 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_20 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_21 Durham_Wedding_Viridian_Images_photo_22Special thanks to John Ong.