Love stories have a way of blossoming in the most extraordinary settings. For Bri and Corey, their wedding at The Country Club of the South in John’s Creek was the perfect reflection of their journey. Take a look at their engagement session we captured in Decatur here. With Bri’s expertise in the wedding industry and Corey’s profession as a golf instructor, their special day showcased their shared passions and the love that brought them together. From a heartfelt first look to a breathtaking outdoor ceremony, and a magical sparkler exit, their wedding was a timeless celebration of their love, surrounded by friends and family.

bride getting ready with hair. black and white
reflection of bride getting ready with maid of honor in foreground.
bride and bridesmaids on bed with champagne bottle wearing burgundy robes
view from brides perspective toasting with wedding dress in background
wide shot of wedding dress from viewpoint of entering room
reflection of bride as she's putting on dress with mom's help
mom hugging bride from behind
bridesmaid first look from bride and bridesmaids perspective
daddy first look. happy look on father
bride portrait getting ready
bridesmaids helping bride with jewlery
bridesmaid helping bride with shoes
bride and bridesmaids looking through window at ceremony site
groom reflection putting on suspenders
groom putting on suspenders
groomsmen reflection getting ready in locker room
groom and groomsmen getting ready in locker room
groom helping father with tie
groom putting on tie in front of locker labeled groom
groom and groomsmen drinking outside
groom and groomsmen toasting with beer from below
groom and groomsmen walking on golf course

First Look with Friends and Family

Bri and Corey understood the importance of incorporating their loved ones into their wedding day from the start. They decided to have a “first look” moment, where the couple sees each other privately before the ceremony, with their friends and family watching the beautiful encounter from the cottage balcony. This intimate and emotional moment allowed them to share their joy with their nearest and dearest before officially beginning their journey as a married couple.

bride and groom first look
groom turns around during first look
bride and groom portrait on golf course
creative artist portrait of bride and groom outside country club
portrait of bride sitting on dark blue velvet bench
bride and groom portrait sitting on dark blue bench against copper wall
bride and bridesmaids portrait. bride and groom portrait

The anticipation was palpable as the guests eagerly awaited the couple’s first glimpse of each other. The picturesque outdoor setting, surrounded by blooming flowers and the lush greenery of the Atlanta countryside, added to the enchanting atmosphere. When Bri and Corey finally laid eyes on one another, there was an undeniable spark in their eyes, filled with love, excitement, and a profound connection. The presence of their loved ones made this moment even more heartfelt, as tears of joy and smiles of anticipation filled the air.

groom anticipating bride entrance during ceremony
bride and father enter aisle
groom looking at bride during wedding processional
father turning over bride at wedding ceremony
bride and groom during ceremony

A Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony

Bri, as a member relations director at a popular metro Atlanta country club, had a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the elements that make a wedding truly unforgettable. The couple chose to exchange their vows in the embrace of nature, surrounded by their friends and family. The outdoor ceremony at The Country Club of the South showcased the couple’s love for the outdoors and their desire to share their commitment in a serene and breathtaking setting.

The carefully curated decor incorporated elements of nature, with a floral arch adorned with vibrant blooms and delicate greenery serving as the backdrop for the ceremony. As the sun dipped low in the sky, casting a warm golden glow over the proceedings, Bri and Corey professed their love and devotion to each other, their voices carrying through the air, and their words etching themselves in the hearts of their loved ones.

wide view of ceremony from back
bride looking at groom during wedding ceremony
bride saying her vows during wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony from bridesmaids perspective
ring exchange groom putting ring on bride
ring exchange. bride putting groom's ring
first kiss during wedding ceremony
bride and groom walking during recessional
bride and groom entering wedding reception
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom kissing during cake cutting
bride and bouquet toss and garter throw
creative nighttime portraits with bride and groom in black and white
creative ring shot with lion door knocker

Sparkler Exit

After an unforgettable ceremony, the celebration continued into the night, with a sparkler exit that added an extra touch of magic and excitement to the festivities. As darkness enveloped the surroundings, guests lined up outside, holding sparklers that illuminated the night sky with a shimmering glow.

Bri and Corey, radiating with happiness, walked hand in hand through the pathway of sparklers, surrounded by the cheers and well-wishes of their loved ones. The sparklers created a mesmerizing and unforgettable atmosphere, capturing the essence of the couple’s love and the joy of the occasion. It was a picture-perfect ending to a day filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt moments.

wedding exit sparkler and golf cart and shaving cream writing

Bri and Corey’s wedding day was a testament to their love, shared passions, and the importance of embracing the presence of loved ones on such a special occasion. Their first look, witnessed by friends and family, allowed them to savor the joy of their connection and set the tone for a day filled with love and togetherness. The outdoor ceremony, set against the backdrop of nature’s beauty, created a serene and unforgettable ambiance. Finally, the sparkler exit added a touch of magic to their celebration, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

It was a timeless celebration that will forever be etched in their hearts and cherished in the memories of all who were fortunate enough to witness it.