One of the highlights of shooting for a major magazine is the opportunity for covering unique events. The Jeffrey Fashion Cares show in Atlanta was a perfect example of this. An upscale fashion show with hundreds in attendance to help support the Susan G Komen Foundation among other charities. Nights like these provide an excellent opportunity to interact with guests and photograph in a fast-paced environment which in turn keeps enhancing the creativity we can overlay into our wedding photography. Here are just some quick images captured that evening. Jeffrey_Fashion_Cares_Viridian_Images_photo_2 Jeffrey_Fashion_Cares_Viridian_Images_photo_3 Jeffrey_Fashion_Cares_Viridian_Images_photo_4 Jeffrey_Fashion_Cares_Viridian_Images_photo_5 Jeffrey_Fashion_Cares_Viridian_Images_photo_6 Jeffrey_Fashion_Cares_Viridian_Images_photo_7