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Bri and Corey’s Downtown Decatur Engagement | Love Painted on City Streets

July 3, 2023 0 Engagements, Portraits
couple sitting on teal chairs foreheads touching and smiling. shot through bright yellow weaved chair

Love has a way of painting life with vibrant colors and creating beautiful memories. For Bri and Corey, their engagement session in Downtown Decatur was a true reflection of their vibrant love story. Against the backdrop of local artist murals and the city streets, their session captured the essence of their connection, shared passions, and the beauty of their relationship. From their favorite bar to the enchanting night sky, their engagement was a celebration of love and the captivating city that holds a special place in their hearts.

To Love at Their Favorite Bar

To start the session on a memorable note, Bri and Corey decided to visit their favorite bar in Downtown Decatur. This special place held countless memories and was a true reflection of their personalities.

The bar’s unique ambiance and the love that radiated from Bri and Corey created an enchanting backdrop for their engagement photos.

ring shot of girl holding glass of white wine
couple enjoying drinks at a bar in Decatur, GA
private and romantic moment between couple at bar
couple kissing across table holding hands at a bar

Exploring Local Artist Murals

Downtown Decatur is known for its lively art scene, with vibrant murals adorning the walls, each telling a unique story. Bri and Corey chose this colorful backdrop to symbolize the vibrancy and uniqueness of their love. As they strolled through the city streets hand in hand, their photographer expertly captured their joy and the artistic essence of their surroundings.

Against the murals, Bri and Corey posed with an effortless grace, the vibrant colors adding a sense of energy and excitement to their photos. Each mural became a canvas that beautifully complemented their love story, capturing the depth and complexity of their connection. With every snapshot, the images came alive, reflecting their shared laughter, affection, and anticipation for the journey ahead.

wide shot of couple against mural of man
couple holding hands playfully in front of mural
couple photographed against mural. focus on girl
couple enjoying a moment on a bench in the park
man guiding girl down city street front of mural
romantic moment of man kissing girl on bench leading lines
black and white photo of couple kissing shot through weaved chair
couple cuddle together photographed through chair decor
couple portrait against art mural. girl wearing low cut back blue and gold sequence dress
creative portrait of couple. girl looking into carmera
romantic photo of couple through staircase. man kissing girl's neck

Under a Starlit Night Sky

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Bri and Corey’s engagement session continued into the evening, culminating in a breathtaking night sky. Against the backdrop of twinkling stars and the soft glow of city lights, their love seemed to shine even brighter.

The couple embraced each other, lost in their own world, as we captured the magic of the night. It was a moment that perfectly encapsulated the depth and beauty of their love, marking the beginning of a lifelong journey under the stars.

couple backlit with flash facing each other against building
couple looking off against sunset of blue and orange
couple silhoette against sky during blue hour

Bri and Corey’s Downtown Decatur engagement session was a testament to their love, individuality, and shared experiences. The local artist murals provided a captivating backdrop, reflecting the vibrancy and uniqueness of their relationship. From their favorite bar, where they were reminded of where it all started, to the enchanting night sky that witnessed their embrace, every moment was a snapshot of their love story.

Through their engagement session, Bri and Corey showcased the importance of embracing the beauty of their surroundings and incorporating their personal favorites into their journey.

As they embark on the next chapter of their lives, Bri and Corey’s engagement photos will forever serve as a reminder of the love and joy they share. Their story, painted on the city streets, will continue to inspire others to embrace their unique love stories and celebrate the beauty of the world around them.

Capturing Timeless Love: A Magical Engagement Session at Key Biscayne’s Bill Baggs Park | South Florida Wedding Photography

el farito silhouette portrait engagement

Love has a way of blossoming unexpectedly, and sometimes, the journey to realizing one’s feelings can be as enchanting as the love itself. In this extraordinary engagement session, we had the privilege of documenting the beautiful story of a couple whose bond began as childhood friends and evolved into a love that took them by surprise. Set against the stunning backdrop of South Florida’s Bill Baggs Park in Key Biscayne, with the oldest standing structure in Greater Miami, known by the locals at “el farito” (the Cape Florida lighthouse), serving as a symbol of their enduring love, we embarked on a creative and artistic photography adventure that captured their essence and showcased the undeniable magic of their connection.

couple bottom of white lighthouse with flock of birds flying above in the blue sky
couple hugging against white lighthouse during engagement session
wide shot of couple by beach and lighthouse against bright blue sky

A Love That Transcends Time

As we ventured into Bill Baggs Park, it was evident that this engagement session was going to be something truly special. Ashley and Michael, having known each other since grade school, shared a profound friendship that had stood the test of time. Little did they know that their bond would evolve into a deep and lasting love, proving that sometimes, the best relationships grow from the seeds of friendship.

artist black and white against bright harsh sunlight and white lighthouse
playing with couple's shadow front of white light house

The Allure of South Florida and Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne, nestled along the shimmering waters of the Atlantic Ocean, is a captivating destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical charm. With its pristine beaches, lush greenery, and the iconic lighthouse as a backdrop, it provided an idyllic setting for Ashley and Michael’s engagement session. The park’s serene ambiance and breathtaking views provided the perfect canvas for us to create artistic and captivating images.

couple hugging and walking in front of lighthouse and along palm lined pathway
silhouette of couple against white lighthouse with palm trees and blue skies

Embracing Creativity and Artistry

In capturing the couple’s love story, we aimed to showcase their unique connection and personalities through our lens. By incorporating creative techniques and artistic compositions, we crafted images that would forever encapsulate the essence of their love. From playful moments on the sandy beaches to intimate embraces under the shade of palm trees, each frame reflected the depth and beauty of their relationship.

couple smiling and laughing under the mangroves
man running towards girl during sunset with miami skyline in background
black and white reflection photo of couple facing each other and clouds all around
couple hugging inside brown and green sea grape leaves
romantic couple moment surrounded by sea grape leaves
creative, artistic capture of couple inside leaves of south florida bush
creative and artistic image of couple during engagement session in south florida
couple piggy back with girl whispering in ear having fun
silhouette of couple facing each other during sunset surrounded by trees and leaves
creative couple portrait with palm fronds
man picks up woman front of miami skyline at night creative night portrait

The Joy of Destination Engagement Sessions

As we concluded this captivating engagement session in South Florida, it was clear that love had truly found its way to this adorable couple. Their story, rooted in a childhood friendship that evolved into a deep and profound love, is a reminder that the greatest relationships often come when we least expect them. By weaving creativity, artistry, and the natural beauty of the location into our photographs, we were able to create a timeless collection that captures the essence of their love and the enchantment of their journey.

Although traveling for an engagement session is an adventure in itself, it adds an extra layer of excitement to the whole experience. For Ashley and Michael, exploring Key Biscayne and its hidden gems as part of their engagement journey brought a sense of joy and discovery. They embraced the opportunity to make lasting memories in a place that held personal significance to them, and the resulting images were a testament to the magic of destination engagement sessions. Take us along for the journey. We’re ready!

Engagement photos at Foxhall Resort — Douglasville, GA | Alesia and Cortez

June 27, 2023 0 Engagements, Foxhall
couple walking holding hands front of lake

Well, what can be said about an amazing couple so much in love? Let’s get to know Alesia and Cortez a little closer, shall we?

What brought you two together?

According to Alesia, their story is a bit cliché. A night of fun and laughter with friends at a local night spot like Loca Luna would be the setting of this random encounter. They literally bumped into each other admittedly confessing they do not know how to salsa dance and chose this location on a whim. “I never imagined I would randomly bump into the love of my life that night and then embarrass myself attempting to dance.” But that was not the only thing they would later find out they had in common. They have been inseparable ever since.

bride walking leading groom along path
couple facing each other along stone bridge
couple smiling and enjoying a twirl on stone bride at foxhall

Tell us, how did Cortez propose?

Well according to Alesia, it all started in October of 2016 about a year after they met. Alesia wanted to do something fun and different to celebrate a milestone. Since they are an outdoorsy type of couple, she decided to book a small cabin in Blairsville, Georgia. They ended up doing all his favorite things including camping, grilling and fishing. While there, they decided to go to Brasstown Bald which is the highest peak in Georgia. If you have never been in the fall, I highly recommend checking it out. While at the top, a park ranger excitedly told them that they picked the perfect weekend to visit. That night, there was to be a super moon and people from all over the country were coming into town to hike the peak that night to see it.

So did they go back?

They instantly decided that they had to witness this unique celestial experience for themselves. They headed back over to Brasstown Bald later that evening expecting to see droves of cars filled with people waiting to hike the peak and see the super moon. Well, when they arrived, they were the only people. The once lively national park was now completely deserted. It was just the two of them. Alesia admits she normally is completely afraid of the dark, but they had come so far and really wanted to see the super moon. They began their walk which quickly turned into a slight jog and eventually ended up sprinting up to the peak (the random noises were getting to them). As they caught their breaths and walked the stairs to the top, they were completely captivated by the night sky. The sky was clear and even with the super moon beaming you could see every constellation in the sky. Completely overwhelmed by God’s beauty, they fell on to their knees thanking God for crossing their paths. A few years later, they returned to that very same location for a quick winter getaway and found him down on one knee.

creative photo with sunlight of couple hugging
groom looking at bride with shadow
couple embracing along covered pathway at foxhall
happy couple hugging and smiling under covered path at foxhall
couple hugging from behind with expansive white cloud sky backdrop

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

In Alesia’s words: I am extremely excited about the wedding venue. I’m a pretty laid back individual, but I knew the venue would be one of the most important parts of bringing my vision into fruition. We are both adventurous and enjoy the outdoors, so I wanted a location that provided a rustic feel and matched our personalities. I toured maybe 10 venues before finding Foxhall Resort and falling head over heels in love. From the staff to the beautiful landscape—Foxhall is by far the most picturesque place near Atlanta. They have several lakes, open pastures, breathtaking overlooks and trees surrounding the venue. I’m looking forward to designing my wedding.

creative angle of couple and foxhall with blue skies
creative shot of couple through white folding chairs prep'd for wedding
silhouette of couple against mirror like lake at sunset at foxhall
couple smiling while posing during sunset in formal attire
wide angle shot of couple silhouette against mirror reflected lake at sunset

Do you have any tips or advice for other couples about to have engagement photos taken?

Book Lissette and Orlando!!!

Awwww, you make me want to cry

How was your overall session experience?

My experience with Viridian Images Photography was simply amazing. Lissette is exceptionally talented and gave perfect instructions on what to do and Orlando has a great eye for creative and artistic pictures. They are extremely passionate and it shows throughout the session. There were so many photo-worthy moments and they captured them all.

Engagement photos at Cator Woolford — Atlanta, GA | Fatima and Sunny

June 27, 2023 0 Cator Woolford, Engagements
romantic couple shoot through elephant ear leaves

Nestled in the heart of Druid Hills, the Cator Woolford Gardens offers a rare glimpse into 1920s Atlanta. This lush oasis is one of the few viable estates still standing in the city today, and is virtually untouched by city sprawl. Once the home of Cator Woolford, a principal founder of what is now known as Equifax, the Italian-style gardens serve as an amazing backdrop for Fatima and Sunny’s engagement photos infused with decades of classic beauty and Southern charm.

couple smiling captured through magnolia leaves
smiling southeast asian couple bashful along with ring shot captured from above
epic staircase photo of power couple captured from below
elegant southeastasian couple strolling through garden pathway
southeast asian couple in formalwear along garden path
groom whispering to bride from behind dressed in formalwear at cator woolford garden
southeast asian couple holding hands back to back between elephant ear leaves

Thank you Fatima and Sunny for an amazing afternoon photographing your engagement session at Cator Woolford.

Engagement photos at the park — Atlanta, GA | Amanda and Chance

June 27, 2023 0 Engagements
couple walking down park path smiling at each other

What an awesome warm afternoon we spent in a nearby local city park with Amanda and Chance. The location chosen for their engagement session was Woodlands Garden just six miles from the city of Atlanta. A place we had never visited. Woodlands Garden is an eight acre mostly-wooded public garden located in Decatur, Georgia. The Garden’s mission is to preserve a woodland garden as an urban sanctuary to educate and engage the community in the natural world.

couple hugging back to chest between trees
couple walking down path in park
couple in front of flower bushes laughing
couple holding letter m and detail ring shot
couple holding and smiling
couple smiling at each other in the park

The afternoon quickly turned into early evening as the light was slowly disappearing. But we had to capture a few more. Amanda and Chance were having too much fun.

couple sitting next two fallen tree trunk in park
couple enjoying each other and looks back at the park engagement photo

Thank you Amanda and Chance for a beautiful afternoon capturing your engagement photos and document this most special season of your lives. Looking forward to your wedding.

Engagement photos at Ponce City Market — Atlanta, GA | Kristen and Seth

January 4, 2023 0 Engagements, Ponce City Market
romantic couple against stairwell

Ponce City Market is the “go to” location for locals and visitors alike to get a sense of what is Atlanta. Also it’s a great place to go have your engagement photos taken if you’re looking for an indoor place on a rainy day.

Although Ponce City Market is a busy location (located in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood along the Atlanta BeltLine, across from Historic Fourth Ward Park, and walking distance from Virginia-Highland, Poncey-Highland, and Midtown), if you know the area and its unique nooks and crannies well, it can yield a lot of creative images. As photographers, we need to quickly think on our feet for this to happen and for couples like Kristen and Seth to have an amazing experience. Enjoy our lovely couple’s engagement session at Ponce City Market!

Taking advantage of the unique murals along the way.

Finding a quiet stairway for some alone time in a busy place as Ponce City Market.

Atlanta is full of artists and we get so excited when new ones show up and how we can play along.

Come bring us along for your engagement photos and experience what we and Atlanta have to offer. You will be asking where “did the time go”?

Emory University Engagement Photos — Atlanta, GA | Nadine and Reza

August 26, 2022 0 Engagements
boy and girl walking down street yellow stripe

An engagement for the books!

There’s a great love story about to be told. It’s a story of love/hate and it goes a little something like this. Nadine and Reza met through a mutual friend at Emory. It was the first day of classes of junior year and actually walking between classes through campus. It didn’t start off well as Nadine recalls but her friend suggested they ask Reza to help them with homework, something happened. Could they actually bond over something as simple as similar music style? Nadine accepted a date with Reza and they went out for dinner, ice skating and star gazing via a star projector on the ceiling. Seven years later, here they are!

What better place for their engagement session than where it all started. And we can’t agree more.

couple passing each other on street looking back
couple meet middle of street yellow stripe
couple foreground facing each other initial and heart drawn on chalkboard
boy sitting classroom staring at girl
couple about to kiss in classroom auditorium
couple hug between lobby pillars
man kisses woman closeup

How did Reza propose?

In November, Reza whisked Nadine away to Chateau Elan for two nights as a “decoy” to make her think that’s where he would propose. As they headed back to Atlanta, Reza rented out the ice skating rink where they had their first date, flew her family in from Los Angeles and proposed to her on their 6 year anniversary. Nadine described it as incredible.

couple portrait among ferns
backlit portraits among ferns kissing
couple hugging from behind through ferns
couple coming out of mathematics building at emory

What are you most excited about for your wedding?

Nadine said she most excited to see their friends and family from all around the US and Canada come together for the first time and celebrate with them. And then they’re REALLY excited to escape it all and go on their honeymoon adventure! Where could that be?

Doesn’t this scene give you a little Harry and Meghan vibe?

couple sitting on marble stairs outside of mathematics building emory
creative reflection between arches outside mathematics building
couple hugging front of carlos museum
couple walking sidewalk carlos museum emory

Has this session got you wanting more? Check out a little video slideshow.

How was your overall engagement session experience with Viridian Images Photography?

Nadine confessed they have so little time where they get to hang out for 2-3 hours uninterrupted so for them it was an amazing bonding experience at minimum. “We really loved your energy and patience with us.” She continued saying “your ‘photographer’s mind’ was always churning and you were so creative with us and the final photos are truly incredible”. Awwww, words like these makes us work that much harder for all our couples. This is exactly what our aim is.

Nadine and Reza, you two are an absolutely unbelievable couple and we can’t wait to photograph your wedding at the Four Seasons Atlanta.

Stone Mountain Park Engagement Photos — Atlanta, GA | Emily and Jimmy

June 18, 2020 0 Engagements
couple having fun covered bridge

Stone Mountain Park is usually crawling with tourists and locals on a spring afternoon. However, with rain in the forecast the park was surprisingly empty as we decided to move forward and meet up with Emily and Jimmy for their long-awaited engagement photo session.

With 3200 acres of scenic views, a colorful shopping and dining village, a covered bridge, a historic old mill and of course, the mountain; this is one of the best locations for an engagement shoot in Atlanta. Not to mention a great place for wedding photography overall.

We had already spent some time getting to know this couple before today’s session and it was clear from the start, they had an unbreakable connection. How they met is an interesting story.

Jimmy messaged Emily on eharmony.com and she agreed to meet up for a coffee date. They immediately hit if off. She laughed at all his stories and Jimmy was simply thankful to have met a southern gal. Later that day when Jimmy got back home; he changed his eharmony profile and never looked back. They dated for several weeks before officially becoming a couple and the rest is history. We hope you enjoy this spring engagement session in Atlanta, Georgia. Please be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates on the latest with Viridian Images Photography, Atlanta’s premier wedding photography. If you’re recently engaged and ready to create unique images for your wedding journey; contact us now to secure your dates!

romantic engagement portrait on ledge stone mountain park
romantic, playful couple portrait stone mountain park atlanta engagement
couple walking under cherry tree holding hands engagement photo stone mountain park
romantic, intimate, sultry couple photo engagement stone mountain park
couple on stone wall in stone mountain park engagement photo
couple smiling flowering trees in stone mountain park atlanta engagement photo
couple hugging through flowering trees in stone mountain park engagement photo
romantic couple flower bush in stone mountain park engagement photo
couple swaying front of red barn door in stone mountain park engagement photo
couple romantic hugging front of red barn door in stone mountain park engagement photo
bride smiling at groom red barn door in stone mountain park engagement photo atlanta
creative couple bride looking at groom foreground, background in atlanta stone mountain park engagement photo
couple reflection barn in atlanta stone mountain park engagement photo
couple hugging brick arches smiling in atlanta stone mountain park engagement photo
couple laughing down stairs in stone mountain park atlanta engagement photo
shoe closeup on covered bridge in stone mountain park atlanta engagement photo
couple playful keeping balance covered bridge in atlanta stone mountain park engagement photo
romantic couple face to face covered bridge in atlanta stone mountain park engagement photo
romantic couple through covered bridge in stone mountain park engagement photo
silhouette black and white couple looking at each other covered bridge in atlanta stone mountain park engagement photo
couple reflection covered bridge in stone mountain park atlanta engagement photo
couple sitting on stone stairs dusk in stone mountain park atlanta engagement photo
creative photo couple back to back on stone stairs engagement photo in stone mountain park atlanta
couple back to back on stone stairs in stone mountain park atlanta engagement photo
couple laughing back to back on stone stairs engagement photo session stone mountain park atlanta
couple walking along stone path atlanta stone mountain park engagement photo
couple hugging water wheel lake in atlanta stone mountain park engagement photo

“Best of 2019” in Photos | Viridian Images Photography

couple hugging

Two thousand nineteen seemed to slip by in a blur. But it rendered some of the best experiences we’ve ever had. Highlights included a glitzy three day south Asian wedding at Ventanas and the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta. An elegant wedding at the Fox Theater and a return trip to Country Club of the South. This year also provided an opportunity to photograph a great new venue near Yonah mountain; The Meadows at Mossy Creek. Trips to Australia, New Zealand, North Carolina and Florida really kept us on the go, so our blog is way behind.

The start of 2020 will hopefully mean a chance to catch up with posting on our website but in the mean time we decided to do something we haven’t done in a long time. A year-end summary of our favorite images from 2019. It’s not just a “best of” compilation. But a collection of images that have a little extra meaning to us. A big thank you to all the couples that partnered with us in 2019 as well as those whos weddings take place in 2020. We can’t wait to document new memories and create visual art for you.

If you like what you see here, please share with friends and loved ones. So, with further delay, here we go. Check out the video slideshow first as it will include more images beyond the stills posted here. Enjoy!

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