Vintage Airplane Portrait Session

David + Juliana

This past Wednesday, David, Juliana and I went out to Griffin, GA and took some portraits to celebrate their anniversary at the PeachState Aerodrome “where old planes never die.” What an awesome place. We had a great session taking photos alongside a vintage 1942 Stearman biplane. This location was made possible thanks to a very good friend of mine (Angela) putting me in contact with the pilot. What an opportunity to be able to use a huge prop like a vintage biplane. My heart was pounding with excitement and my couple was thrilled to comply with the location although a little out of the way from Kennesaw. Many thanks go to Harry for allowing us to visit him and his gorgeous plane. Hope to be able to take him up on the offer of actually flying in it. I have my eye open with that vintage car sitting in the hanger. Just imagining the images that can be captured using that baby. I’m so exited.  The afternoon flew by in an instant with so many ideas for great shots. It was a bit cloudy and had just finished raining but we made the most of it. Enjoy!

Enjoy additional images from this slideshow.

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