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Buford, GA Photographer | Yaquelin and Alex

October 30, 2015 1 Fifth Avenue Event Hall, Weddings

So you might remember Yaquelin and Alex from their amazing engagement session and from the sneak peek we blogged about a few weeks ago.  Well here we’re presenting the complete blog post. It was extremely hard to narrow down the photos for this blog.

The Couple: Yaquelin and Alex

These two were simply amazing. To see the love from within themselves, their faith and the love their friends and family displayed, they are sure to have a successful marriage. Alex is from Lawrenceville, Georgia and Yaqui is from Franklin, Tennessee. they met at a convention a few years ago in Dalton. They were both shy but despite the nerves he mustered up the courage to ask for her number and a beautiful friendship began.

The Ceremony:

The day started gloomy and gray with a constant mist but that didn’t damper their spirits. All they could think of that day was the fact that they each were going to marry their best friend and spend their lives together forever. Nothing was going to change that. It was so beautiful to witness. Their first look took place on the white lattice bridge over the lake at Vines Botanical Garden in Loganville, Georgia. It was the perfect setting. It’s a beautiful event facility connected to a manicured park with lakes and trails. The weather cooperated for us despite the forecast.

The Reception: Fifth Avenue Event Hall

After the ceremony, the reception took place at Fifth Avenue Event Hall in Buford, Georgia where the couple danced the night away. We had so much fun with these two along with their family and friends. Congratulations Yaquelin and Alex. May you always remember the love that started it all. We love you!


Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-1 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-2 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-3 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-4 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-5 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-6 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-7 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-8 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-9 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-10 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-11 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-12 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-13 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-14 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-15 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-16 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-17 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-18 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-19 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-20 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-21 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-22 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-23 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-24 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-25 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-26 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-27 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-28 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-29 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-30 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-31 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-32 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-33 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-34 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-35 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-36 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-37 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-38 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-39 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-40 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-41 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-42 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-43 Vines-Botanical-Garden-atlanta-georgia-wedding-viridian-images-photography-photo-44Want to see more?



Wedding Photogaphy : Viridian Images

Ceremony Location: Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Reception Location: Fifth Avenue Event Hall
Make-up: Margaret Snider
Hair Artist: Eli the Hairdresser
Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Angelo
Cake Artist: Lizette Hughes
Caterer: Pollo Tropical
DJ: Bryant Mejia

Charles + Betsy | Winder, GA Wedding

June 5, 2014 1 Weddings

A few weeks ago we photographed the wedding of Charles (Chuck) and Betsy. I met Betsy over coffee at Starbucks to talk about her wedding and how we could capture it for her. I was referred to her by a mutual friend and from the moment I met her I knew we had to work together. She is the sweetest, most kind young lady I’ve met. Hearing her describe in detail a recent trip to Japan demonstrates how she enjoys experiencing other cultures. That fascinated me. So young and so adventurous!

She also talked extensively about her fiance and how they met. At first they were just friends but in time that friendship very quickly blossomed into a beautiful relationship. Now you can just see his eyes light up whenever she arrives.

All throughout they day of the wedding the emotions flowed, from the moment her father first saw his little girl in her dress, to the moment when the couple exchanged vows. It’s really beautiful to see how this wedding came together with the help of family and friends. That’s why I love weddings. I get a front row seat to every story and those moments live forever in photographs. It’s actually quite special.

Congratulations Chuck and Betsy. It was a pleasure to work with you and your special day.


Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-1Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-2 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-3 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-4 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-5 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-6 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-7 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-8 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-9 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-10 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-11 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-12 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-13 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-14 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-15 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-16 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-17 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-18 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-19 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-20 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-21 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-22 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-23 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-24 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-25 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-26 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-27 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-28 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-29 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-30 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-32 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-33 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-34

Venue – Winder Community Center

DJ – Exclusive DJ Group – Danny Campos

MUA – Lupita Palma

Hair – Evelyn

Wedding Dress – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress – David’s Bridal





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We are not just wedding photographers. Please be sure to consider us for your high school senior photos and all your family photography needs.

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We’ve been featured on Occasions Magazine!

Rebecca and Luis’ wedding was recently published on Occasions Magazine Georgia. We were so excited we wanted to share this with you. Take a look at their blog post about the event. It’s a great read.


Ivan + Soledad | Dalton Wedding

June 11, 2013 2 Weddings

[bk_video video_link=”http://vimeo.com/68104969″ width=”800″ height=”600″ /]

Loa Wedding Video Slideshow by Viridian Images Photography from Viridian Images Photography on Vimeo.

A Roswell Baby Shower

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Ramón + Escarlett | Carrollton Wedding

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Juan + Rocio | Cartersville, GA Wedding

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