Wedding photography affords us the opportunity to meet many new people every year. Couples that individually generate dynamics all their own. Thankfully, we’ve been privileged to work with so many wonderful brides and grooms. Then we meet Julie and Reet, and the bar rises even further! What a FUN couple. They share a passion for nature and outdoor activities, always traveling to find their next big adventure. Seriously, could photographers have it any better than this? Working with subjects that aren’t intimidated by cameras and willing to try anything? This can’t be called a job!

On this beautiful afternoon, the idea was to shape their engagement session around things that really meant something important to them. This included portraits with their dog Napoleon, shooting at the spot they first met, and finally their favorite pastime, trail biking. We started at the heart of Midtown and finished up at the banks of the Chattahoochee River. Well worth our time and hopefully the images below communicate this. Thank you so much Julie and Reet for bringing us along on this ride. We can’t wait to see you married!

Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images.0Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-1.1 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-1 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-2.1 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-3 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-4 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-5 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-6 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-7 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-8 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-9 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-11 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-12 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-13 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-14 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-15 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-16 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-17 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-18 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-19 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-20 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-21.1 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-21 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-22 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-23 Atlanta_Chattahoochee River_Engagement_Viridian_Images-24


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