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West Midtown Atlanta, GA — Goat Farm Engagement | Omar & Samantha

May 29, 2018 0 Engagements

The kind of vibe we were looking for

If you know us or anyone who knows us, you’ll find out we love people, we love couples, and we love, love. We don’t get tired of it. It just makes us happy. We get to meet so many people, from our couples to their families and then their closest friends. Well, let me introduce you to Omar and Sam. We’ve known Sam for some time since we’ve hung out with mutual families from time to time. Talking about the small world again. It’s an ongoing theme. In any case, her wedding planner is a personal friend that I met when we first arrived to Atlanta, *ahem…*cough, cough* 20 some odd years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Oh, focus Lissette, focus. Going back to our little story. I get an inquiry from our web site from our friend Samantha (although I know her by Sam so that threw me off). Well it so happens it wasn’t Sam emailing us, it was the planner letting us know our little Samantha is getting married. That caught me off guard again, I didn’t know she was dating anybody.

So, off to meet Omar and Sam for our consult. We had to find a convenient location for us to meet due to schedule conflicts and we end up at Starbucks. So what was my impression of Omar? Answer: a gentleman. While Sam and I were talking at our table, Omar excused himself for a minute and bought us all coffees. What a sweetheart! The planner Jaqueline had Sam so organized with a big binder with everything she needed to do for her wedding. Sam realized she didn’t need all that for us so we just talked and talked about the vision they all came up and all the vendors that were going to see this vision through. It sounded amazing and at a venue I hadn’t had the privilege to photograph. I was definitely looking forward to what Jaqueline and her team were going to create for their amazing wedding at Ambient+Studio.

Back to the engagement session. Omar and Sam wanted something rustic, abandoned, an urban vibe and we had that light bulb moment immediately….The Goat Farm. That’s it. They both LOVED the idea and were excited to work with us there. At first they were a little apprehensive when we started, they’ve never been in front of a professional camera before. But within a few minutes they were well into getting a modeling career going.

Talk about forgetting we were even there.

They are so much fun together. And literally forgot we were there. Just the way I like it.

We were having so much fun, I almost forgot to take a ring shot. I like taking these type of shots with a human element. It brings it to life. What do you think?

Sam’s getting the hang of this. That look, girl!

As the night was winding down, we decided to go by and grab a cup off coffee at the Warhorse Coffee Shop

Here’s a little more from their engagement session at The Goat Farm Atlanta.

Duck Pond Park Engagement Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Chrissy and Todd

September 15, 2015 0 Duck Pond Park, Engagements

The Location: Duck Pond Park

For more than a century, the Duck Pond Park has been a much-loved and enjoyed natural green space in the Peachtree Heights East neighborhood of Buckhead. As one of the best kept secrets in Atlanta, it serves as a serene natural environment for many activities. On this day the park served as the setting to photograph Todd and Chrissy’s engagement session. All morning long storms kept blowing rain through the metro area. It almost seemed as if the session would not happen. Nonetheless, with a little faith and determination, we were able to catch a break and the clouds actually allowed the sun to shine through at times. What a wonderful time with this couple we had.

The Couple: Chrissy and Todd

Todd, who’s originally from Athens gels perfectly with Chrissy, an Auburn grad. Together they have a very caring but easy going demeanor that makes it so easy to get along with them. Their smiles are just off the charts; and they’re adventurous enough to go along with all our crazy requests. We even had some time for Maddie to make an appearance. By the end of the day, we weather was still cooperating. Well, sort of. So we made a quick run to get a couple of shots at the Jackson Street Bridge for the Atlanta skyline before the skies opened up again. All in all, a fantastic experience.

The Duck Pond Park needs your help! Check out their website to see how you can help keep this treasure for another century.

Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-1 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-2 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-3 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-4 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-5 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-6 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-7 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-8 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-9 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-10 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-11

They are so cute together. Her smile lit up an otherwise cloudy day.Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-12 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-13

The light was so amazing after the rain.

Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-14 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-15 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-16We were so happy to have Maddie join us now for the session. She’s such a sweetheart and playful. She really enjoyed playing with the ducks by the pond.

Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-17 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-18


After some time playing with the ducks and dropping off Maddie, we headed over to the Jackson Street Bridge to end this amazing session. Congratulations and we can’t wait to cover your wedding next Spring.



Engaged | Jay + Ida | Piedmont Park, Atlanta

March 25, 2015 1 Engagements

Winter finally let up in Atlanta just in time for one gorgeous Sunday afternoon. After dodging rain for several weeks, the sun broke thru for Jay + Ida. Here are just a few images from a great afternoon at the park. Congratulations on your engagement!

Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-1.1 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-1.2Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-2 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-3 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-4 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-5 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-6 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-7 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-8 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-9 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-10 Atlanta_Piedmont_Park_engagement_session_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-11

Ryan + Siera | Negril Wedding

June 3, 2014 1 Weddings

Every wedding has its own inherent beauty, regardless of its setting. However there is something extra special about a beach wedding. The ocean breeze, the relaxed carefree atmosphere and of course, the sand in your feet. Negril, Jamaica served as the perfect spot for Ryan & Siera’s beautiful wedding. Believe it or not, we first met this super couple last year over a Skype call. They call San Diego home so they knew they wanted to import their photography from the states. So they began their search all the way from California. As it turns out, they came across our website and two calls later we were planning for their wedding!

Ryan, a former Georgetown Hoya basketball player met Siera in Washington D.C. shortly after she moved there in 2007 following her graduation from Cornell and a new job opportunity. They met through some friends and the rest is history. They kept a strong relationship as they both pursued MBA’s ultimately settling in San Diego as they planned for their big day. Ryan is as smooth as silk in his demeanor and one of the easiest people to get along with. Siera is a beautiful, loving spark plug of energy. It’s no wonder Ryan fell head over heels for her. Something incredibly unique about their wedding comes from their decision to not have a bridal party. Instead, Siera requested that each of her closest friends gift her a bracelet that met something special to them and that defined their relationship with her. She then wore every one of the bracelets at her wedding, as all her friends stood in attendance. No favorites, just every special person accounted for on her wrists. We had never seen something so cool before! Going back to our initial Skype call, when we first met them, we had no idea of little details like this. Heck we just met them over an Internet phone call! Still, I remember that as soon as we hung up the phone we said to each other “These are the type of people we want to work with”. Sure enough, this turned out to be one of the best wedding experiences we’ve had the chance to document. Over this wedding weekend we came away with many images. What follows are the photographs for the primary portions of the wedding. Please stay tuned for a second blog post where we will share many of the behind the scenes events before the wedding including a beautiful catamaran cruise on the ocean. Many thanks to Gail and the entire team at the Negril Treehouse Resort. They handled everything from start to finish and there is no better way to spend a beach vacation, than in a warm and charming resort like this.

Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-13 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-14 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-15 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-16 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-17 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-23 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-24 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-25 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26.2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26.3 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26.4 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26.5 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-27.2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-27 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-28 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-29.2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-29 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-30.2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-30.3 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-30 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-31 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-32 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-33 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-34

Take a look at the video slideshow with more from this incredible destination wedding weekend.

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