Why Print With A Professional?

Are professional prints really better? Why can’t you just print all your professional pictures at the local grocery store? This is a great question and one that we hear quite often. So what’s the big deal about getting prints from a professional lab? Well, here are a few reasons why professional prints are better.

1. Better skin tones. The look of skin tones on your images is very important to the picture. We’ve found that many times images printed on lower quality machines can make the skin look either too orange-y or too ash-y. However, when you’re getting your images from a professional lab, your skin tones will look exactly like the photographer edited them. Healthy, alive and real! This is because the professional labs calibrate their machines multiple times per day to make sure the colors are just right. Other printers don’t.

2. Better paper. When ordering professional prints, the paper your images are printed on is a much higher quality paper and professional labs do everything they can to get the most color out of the paper they can. This results in more vibrant true colors in your prints.

3. More options. Most printers that can be found at grocery stores will only have one type of paper and a few sizes to choose from. However, when working with a professional, you will find that if you choose, you can print your image on many different types of papers and get some very large sizes like the 36” x 48”.

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