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CELEBRATION SOCIETY | We’ve Been Featured!

December 9, 2015 0 Published Work, Weddings

We’re so excited to announce that one of our favorite weddings from earlier this year has been featured in the latest issue of Celebration Society. Congratulations once again to Steve + Margot on such a beautiful wedding. Click here to see our post from their wedding day.

We’d also like to recognize all of the wonderful vendors that made this day so special; including the Peachtree Club, Bloomin’ Bouquets, DJ Euro Andy and so many others. What a way to finish off the year!

Duck Pond Park Engagement Photos | Atlanta, GA Photographer | Chrissy and Todd

September 15, 2015 0 Duck Pond Park, Engagements

The Location: Duck Pond Park

For more than a century, the Duck Pond Park has been a much-loved and enjoyed natural green space in the Peachtree Heights East neighborhood of Buckhead. As one of the best kept secrets in Atlanta, it serves as a serene natural environment for many activities. On this day the park served as the setting to photograph Todd and Chrissy’s engagement session. All morning long storms kept blowing rain through the metro area. It almost seemed as if the session would not happen. Nonetheless, with a little faith and determination, we were able to catch a break and the clouds actually allowed the sun to shine through at times. What a wonderful time with this couple we had.

The Couple: Chrissy and Todd

Todd, who’s originally from Athens gels perfectly with Chrissy, an Auburn grad. Together they have a very caring but easy going demeanor that makes it so easy to get along with them. Their smiles are just off the charts; and they’re adventurous enough to go along with all our crazy requests. We even had some time for Maddie to make an appearance. By the end of the day, we weather was still cooperating. Well, sort of. So we made a quick run to get a couple of shots at the Jackson Street Bridge for the Atlanta skyline before the skies opened up again. All in all, a fantastic experience.

The Duck Pond Park needs your help! Check out their website to see how you can help keep this treasure for another century.

Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-1 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-2 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-3 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-4 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-5 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-6 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-7 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-8 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-9 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-10 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-11

They are so cute together. Her smile lit up an otherwise cloudy day.Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-12 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-13

The light was so amazing after the rain.

Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-14 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-15 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-16We were so happy to have Maddie join us now for the session. She’s such a sweetheart and playful. She really enjoyed playing with the ducks by the pond.

Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-17 Atlanta-duck-poind-engagement-session-viridian-images-photography-photo-18


After some time playing with the ducks and dropping off Maddie, we headed over to the Jackson Street Bridge to end this amazing session. Congratulations and we can’t wait to cover your wedding next Spring.



Atlanta Wedding Photographer|Mark + Kim

August 11, 2015 0 Callanwolde, Weddings

Love comes together from all angles to make the greatest combinations. A perfect example of this can be found with Mark and Kim. He’s from Jersey; she’s from the Bahamas. He’s an avid fisherman and she loves to work with numbers. Nonetheless they unite to become one of the most caring, fun-loving couples around. Nowhere was this more evident than on their wedding day. An easy-going outdoor ceremony with laughs layered all throughout. Their happiness is ever so evident on a variety of bridal portraits across multiple settings within the Callanwolde Fine Arts grounds. Even though we’ve photographed multiple weddings and events here; never have we been able to make such extensive use of this gorgeous venue on one occasion, covering both the inside and outside spaces of the property. It’s a testament to the value they place on photography. So many thanks to this wonderful couple for such a great experience.


Photographer: Viridian Images Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Crowned Affair
Ceremony/Reception Location: Cameron Hall
Make-up: So Chevon
Hair Artist: Exotic Vision
Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaid Dress: Davids Bridal
Groom and Groomsmen attire: Mens Warehouse
Florist: Crowned Affair
Cake Artist: The Posh Cakery
Photo Booth: Shutter Booth
Video/DJ: Blesst

Click here to see more.

Atlanta Engagement Photographer | Alex + Yaquelin

July 2, 2015 2 Engagements, Uncategorized

Among several descriptions, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines personality as attractive qualities that make a person interesting or pleasant to be with. Fuse two great personalities together and what do you get? Pure awesomeness! That’s what we have with Alex and Yaquelin. Spunk and loads of personality! A gorgeous sunny afternoon, a slight breeze plus tons of energy and laughter powered this engagement session across Piedmont Park and the Fox Theater in Downtown Atlanta. As a wedding photographer, working with couples that have this type of chemistry makes our job so much fun. We can’t help but to look forward to their August wedding!

romantic-engagement-photoThey’re so cute together.

atlanta-engagement-piedmont-graffiti-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-graffiti-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-photo atlanta-blue-heron-piedmont-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-photo atlanta-engagement-flowers-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-photo atlanta-engagement-piedmont-photo

Yaquelin’s smile and laugh are so contagious. We all had a wonderful time.

atlanta-skyline-engagement-photo atlanta-skyline-engagement-photo piedmont-park-atlanta-engagement-photo

We didn’t want the night to end. So off to Peachtree Street and the Fox Theater we go. fox-theater-engagement-photo  fox-theater-engagement-photo

fox-theater-engagement-photoYou’ve got to see more, right? Click below to see the slideshow.

Steven + Margot | Atlanta Wedding

May 11, 2015 1 Weddings

A walk in the clouds. No, not the 1995 movie. We’re referring to the romantic rooftop wedding that Steve and Margot pulled off at the Peachtree Club in downtown Atlanta. Nothing but blue skies surrounded this couple and their guests as the warm rays of the sun peered over the skyline on this very chilly and windy afternoon. A black and gold theme set the tone for modern elegance across all the details. From the beautiful Bloomin Bouquets floral arrangements to those gorgeous black BCBG bridesmaid dresses. It was perfect.

We had such a great time working with everyone in this wedding. Such a relaxed atmosphere. Nerves could not be found anywhere. It was just a casual weekend wedding getaway in the clouds in one of the best venues in Atlanta. To make things even sweeter, Steve’s Michigan State Spartans made the NCAA Final Four and DJ Euro Andy had everyone rocking the night away. Really, what’s not to like? In any case we send our heartfelt thanks to Steve + Margot for allowing us to document all the memories of that day. Let’s relive some of those moments right now!


Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-1 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-2.2 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-2 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-3 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-4 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-5 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-6 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-7 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-8 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-9 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-10 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-11 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-12 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-13 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-14.1 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-14 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-15 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-16 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-17 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-18 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-19 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-20 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-21 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-22
Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-24 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-25 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-26

Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-23 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-27 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-28 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-29 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-30

Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-39 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-31 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-32 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-33 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-34 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-35 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-36 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-37 Peachtree_Club_Atlanta_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography-38Wedding Coordinator: Megan Partington
Ceremony/Reception Location: Peachtree Club
Make-up/Hair Artist: Linda Martinez / Linda Margarita
Bride’s Dress: Anna Maier – Joan Pillow
Bridesmaid Dress: BCBG – Bloomingdales
Groom and Groomsmen attire: Jos A Bank
Florist: Bloomin’ Bouquets
Cake Artist: Christine Chaney
Strings: Carla Padron
DJ: DJ Euro Andy

Click here to see more from Steve+Margot’s wedding:

Engaged | Juan + Anna

March 13, 2015 0 Engagements

It’s been a cold and rainy start to 2015 here in Georgia. Nevertheless, on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon in March we were able to finally get out and shoot our first engagement session of the year. Providing a mix of garden charm with a big city feel, the Hyatt-Villa Christina grounds was the perfect spot for Juan and Anna’s photo shoot. It’s also the site of their big New Year’s Eve wedding! So of course, confetti exploding champagne bottles had to be included in the mix as a tie-in! It was all part of a fantastic, playful afternoon with this beautiful couple.

Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-1 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-2 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-3 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-4 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-5 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-6 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-7 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-8 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-9 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-10 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-11 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-12 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-13 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-14 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-15 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-16 Atlanta_Hyatt_Villa_Christina_Engagement_Viridian_Images_Photography_photo-17

Allies in Wonderland 2014

March 13, 2014 0 Events, Parties

Oh what a night! We had the pleasure and honor of photographing the Allie Awards this year at the Tabernacle. This year’s Allie’s were revamped with a totally new, never before seen format and the guests loved it. You might ask…what’s the Allie Awards. Well to best answer your question…

The Allie Awards is Atlanta’s premier award ceremony recognizing and honoring outstanding examples of quality and creativity in Atlanta’s event industry. The awards demonstrate how working together for a common good can promote excellence in event design, planning and production. Its mission is to honor and promote excellence in Atlanta’s event design, planning and production.
Here’s a video slideshow reel to get a feel of all the fun we had.

Allies in Wonderland — 2014 Allie Awards at the Tabernacle from Viridian Images Photography on Vimeo.

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